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If you’re designing a high-energy physics analysis (e.g. with data recorded by an LHC experiment at CERN, manual bookkeeping of external data can get complicated quite fast. order provides a pythonic class collection that helps you structuring

  • analyses,

  • MC campaigns,

  • datasets,

  • physics process and cross sections,

  • channels,

  • categories,

  • variables, and

  • systematic shifts.

Projects using order#

Installation and dependencies#

Install order via pip:

pip install order

The only dependencies are scinum and six (Python 2 support that will be dropped soon), which are installed with the above command.

Contributing and testing#

If you like to contribute, feel free to open a pull request 🎉. Just make sure to add new test cases and run them via:

python -m unittest tests

In general, tests should be run for Python 2.7, 3.6 - 3.11. To run tests in a docker container, do

# run the tests
./tests/docker.sh python:3.9

# or interactively by adding a flag "1" to the command
./tests/docker.sh python:3.9 1
> pip install -r requirements.txt
> python -m unittest tests

In addition, PEP 8 compatibility should be checked with flake8:

flake8 order tests setup.py